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This region is ± 160 km, ( ± 3,5 jam) from Juanda Airport Surabaya or ± 40 km (± 45 minutes) from Kediri and an active-altitude mountain tours 1730 m dpl. Cool atmosphere and panoramic mountain views make this area attractive for nature tours, adventure, and health. The attractiveness of these places, among others: Flying fox, Area rock climbing, jogging, Cross country, and camping. Holidays and also evening Kelud Theater Building.

Simpang Lima Gumul

Kediri monument resembling L'arch D 'Triomphe in France stands majestically in the middle - the middle of the intersection of Five Gumul - Kediri is a pile Simpang Lima area development Gumul a new city district in Kediri. The difference, This monument has the spirit of the founding of Kediri so this monument is positioned right in the middle of a five lane road toward Pare, Kediri, Plosoklaten, Pesantren and Win.

Outbond Gunung klothok

Location mountain Klothok, Lereng gunung Wilis, not far from the center of Kediri, very cool to be a place traveled outbound,training,bicycle, hiking dll. At night, we can see the view of the sparkling city of Kediri.

Motion weir Waru turi

Motion weir area Waru Turi is one tourist attraction in the region Kediri, more precisely located in the District of Gampengrejo. At the dam site which has a length of approximately 150 Meter ini, visitors will be treated to the circumstances of the classified nature of natural. That is why, the place is interesting enough to be used as a place to enjoy a holiday or free time with family members, even in locations around the area can also be a place to picnic.

Rafting Kali Konto

Kediri Rafting down the flow of the river rushing along Konto ± 6 Km which empties into Selorejo Dam District. Poor. Participants will be treated to the charm of the water and the landscape around the river is pretty amazing, not to mention the huge rocks and cliffs along the river to challenge the young soul will feel the thrill of adventure and trying new things.

Dolo waterfall

located in the hamlet of Besuki, Jugo village, Mojo districts, Kediri. Mileage from Kediri westward, ± 25 km (± 45 minute), or ± 150 kkm(± 3.5 hours) from Surabaya Juanda Airport. Although a bit far, but the scenery along the road to the beautiful and the location is fairly easy. For lovers of Hiking (climbing the mountain), Mount Besuki is a very attractive alternative to conquer and enjoy.

Waterfalls Irenggolo

located in the Besuki in height 1200 above sea level on the slopes of Mount Wilis cluster (1950 m). Spill water around 80 meter with a mini form of trap-trap and beautiful natural scenery dith ambient temperature 18 degrees Celsius.

Candi Surowono

Surowono temple is a temple of the Hindu Kingdom of Majapahit era, small but with a beautiful relief, in the village of Canggu, Subdistrict Pare, ± 28 Km from Kediri or 105 km (2,5 jam) from Surabaya. Surowono temples have been built in 1390 M as a place for Wijayarajasa pendharmaan, Bhre Wengker.

Candi Tegowangi

located in Plemahan ± 25 km, ± 45 minutes from Kediri City or from Surabaya ± 100 km (2,5 jam). Tegowongi temple housed a square facing west with the size 11,2 x 11,2 meter and height 4,35 m. Brick foundation stone while the feet and the remaining part of the body is made of andesite.

Church Puhsarang

Pohsarang old church was built in 1936 and has undergone several renovations. But a series of renovations that, the original shape of the church is still awake. Altar stone church still weighing up to seven tons and ornate carvings of deer, outdoor altar-shaped stupa Borobudur, Buntar shaped temple tower, marquee, the gamelan as a companion mass, tabernacle stones tumbled stones design, office, etc., still we can meet in the Church Pohsarang.

Museum Airlangga


Wisata Kuliner Kediri

Soto Tamanan (10 minutes from Hotel Insumo)

Special presents typical chicken soup kediri. In addition to chicken soup,grilled chicken served also as a complement / side dish. Kediri famous chicken soup gurihnya,spicy and sweet. There are a few booths that sell food there,but there are also being peddled around each area roads semeru / terminal. Sold at prices ranging Rp.3.500/mangkuk.

Soto Branggahan (10 minutes from Hotel Insumo)

Unique soup with mini bowl along highways Kediri - vBulletin, precisely in the village district Branggahan Ngadiluwih. Dozens of vendors lined up chicken soup from afternoon to evening. Dining one bowl is not going to make satisfied, at least no more than two servings. Side dishes are presented separately,started fried tempeh,fried tofu,jerohan,rambak cow chips,meatball,intestine satay etc..

Pecel overlap Jl Dhoho

Right in the center of Kediri. starting at 21:00, when the stores start closing along jl.Dhoho. Some have started their activities starting at 19.00. Pecel served in a banana leaf plates (pincuk) with prices starting at Rp.3.000/porsi. The side dishes are sold separately,from fried chicken,meatball,lentho,know,tempe bacem,Sate ayam,empal etc.

Fried rice typical Anglo Kediri

Kediri typical fried rice is fried in using anglo / coal stove. Cook only once 1 portion only. get a delicious aroma so pronounced, try it around town kediri, Dhoho and surrounding roads.. fragrant savory aroma is so tempting. in peddling begin at 6 night.

Sate Snails

Snails (snail) a popular and expensive sale in France, but in Kediri easily you will find in the area Djengkol, Kec.Plosoklaten Kab.Kediri. in addition to delicious and healthy,Snail is also believed to cure skin diseases.

Sate Emprit

CVD is the sparrow. unique, satay when bitten, savory taste began to be felt. When passing through the esophagus feels very soft. Sate CVD also not fishy. Unlike the chicken satay which when burned is still white, for CVD broil to brown color. Clay texture, not sticky, it feels strong aroma, nonfat, and savory.


Pusat Perbelanjaan

Kediri also offers street entertainment like that can be encountered on the street or in the park Dhoho Sekartaji. Entertain a downtown street and shopping centers are very many clothes in Kota Kediri. Concept and atmosphere resemble Dhoho Jalan Jalan Malioboro in Yogyakarta, Entertain Road where there are many rice traders and pecel lesehan surrogate that almost every night filled with young people up personally from the old servant who find entertainment in the evening to feel togetherness