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» Old Church Puhsarang

Old Church Puhsarang

Foot and step into this religious complex, we immediately treated to the charming architectural style. In addition to a strong touch of tradition, Catholic Church, located in the eastern foothills of Mount Wilis, Cement Sub, Kediri also brings modern style. So, than to see a touch Mojopahit, Java, China, Even the Hindu and Buddhist, we can also see a wooden bow structures, liaison tensile steel roof, and automated home technology.

Pohsarang old church was built in 1936 and has undergone several renovations. But a series of renovations that, the original shape of the church is still awake. Altar stone church still weighing up to seven tons and ornate carvings of deer, outdoor altar-shaped stupa Borobudur, Buntar shaped temple tower, marquee, the gamelan as a companion mass, tabernacle stones tumbled stones design, office, etc., still we can meet in the Church Pohsarang.

Amazing forms is not separated from the cold hands of Ir. Maclaine Pont (1884-1971), a Dutch architect who was born in Messter Cornlis (Jatinegara). When he began designing this church, He did not forget to include elements of local culture. As an architect, Pont greatly admire the important sites in Java, one Majapahit in Trowulan Mojokerto, East Java.

Until the recent renovation, church complex has an area of ​​more than 6,5 acres with expansion plans again. In the Complex Phsarang, we can find some unique things that over time many travelers ogled baika from within and outside the country. First setruktur churches and some important buildings here are antique colored stretch steel wire instead of battens and rafters for roofs. In church, stone reliefs of evangelist symbols etched clear.

In addition to church, Pohsarang Catholic pilgrimage in this complex there are three statues Maria. The first statue on the left side of Matia Goa's oldest church complex. First, This statue was stolen and found and returned near the Multipurpose Building, while the third stands majestically in fracturing the Goa Maria Lourdas.

Another attraction that we can meet in this place is the Three Way of the Cross. Each complex is in the Church of Santa Maria Pohsarang, The second dish around the park Kana, and the third at the back of the form-stations stations musings with a large statue of forms of human. Way of the Cross was unveiled on Sunday, 28 May 2008 and in 2011 This has just added a few more stations to explain the series of the journey of Jesus in the Gospels.

In addition to antique church, maria and three three statues of the Cross, we can also find three huts Rosario specially made for the pilgrims to pray the Rosary. Three cottages are made to mempersentasikan mystery of Jesus Christ contemplated in prayer, the Joyful Mystery, Sorrowful Mystery and Majesty Events.

Situated + 6 km, + 15 minutes from Kediri. In tourism, there are Catholic pilgrimage church blend of old European architecture and unique Majapahit and other objects of interest, like:

  1. Goa Maria Lourdes
  2. Way of the Cross Mount Calvary
  3. Parks Cana
  4. Campgrounds Mount Tabor
  5. Versatile Building
  6. Pensions and Pensions Bethlehem Silent as a tourist inn

Tourists can visit this area each time to Mass. Novena and Legi every Friday night for prayer and tourist tirakatan.