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Religious Tourism Setono Gedhong

Gedong Setono site located at the back of the Aulia Masjid Setono Gedong, achieved through a considerable alley in Jl. Doho, Kediri, the location and the direction opposite the road junction leading towards Kediri Railway Station. Near the site also contained the shrine complex that many peziarah.Sebelum entered the mosque compound Setono Gedong, There is a gate that is not so high but very thick walls, who allegedly was previously a gate of a temple. A source said that some have tried to maintain the gate's, but unfortunately to no avail. Still lucky that the gate of the temple was not destroyed, but only covered the cement so that the shape has changed as now ini.Makam Syamsudin Sheikh Sulaiman al-Wasil or Syamsu Zain Sheikh Ali Wali Allah who is rumored as, which is better known as Mbah Wasil. Many do not think that in the middle of the shopping center there is a tomb which was one of famous tourist religi. It is in the middle of the public cemetery behind the mosque Setono Gedong Aulia. It is not difficult to get to the location of the tomb because simply by walking around 100 meters to the west through an alley wide enough in the middle of Jl. Dhoho.

Mbah Wasil prior year 2003 has not entered into a series of religious tourism in Java. Still Mbah Wasil has visited pilgrim who knows where the tomb of mouth. Year 2003 Mbah Wasil restored and subsequent years 2007 opened a place of religious tourism in the reign of Mayor HA Maschut.