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» Pecel overlap Jl Dhoho

Pecel overlap Jl Dhoho

Right in the center of Kediri. They began selling food starting at 21:00, when the stores start closing along jl.Dhoho. Some have started their activities starting at 19.00.

Pecel served in a banana leaf plates (pincuk) with prices starting at Rp.3.000/porsi. The side dishes are sold separately,from fried chicken,meatball,lentho,know,tempe bacem,Sate ayam,empal etc.

There are some stand pecel a mainstay, good taste and quality of cleanliness, such as a favorite stall and enthusiasts pecel pecel.
In addition there are also pecel fried rice and fried noodles Java. Uniquely,all cooked in a traditional stove (tungku) in the Java language "anglo" so totally traditional flavor. Sold at a price varied,ranging from Rp.6.500/porsi.

Round, es degan also easily found along the way this Dhoho.

When dining, you can chat with friends,colleagues and family, you also can enjoy the music of street buskers. You can enjoy this culinary, from at 21.00 until 04.00 without fear of running out of,except on holidays and weekends.

Taste, You have not been to Kediri, before dining on the road lesehan Dhoho, Kediri…