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Souvenir Center Kediri

Drop to Kediri city not to be missed to buy out a yellow or know piety? Want to know why? Since the city is one of the city Kediri manufacturers know, and no doubt made the city know if this is quite tasty. Center souvenirs there 2 which is on Jl Patimura and ODOT road.

Lined supply stores souvenirs typical kediri. There are various knew, there knows piety or better known as out yellow. There was also the idea pong, kind of like the idea gejrot know this or know sumedang, know pong known as kind of know it when fried will inflated and empty middle or in the Java language called kopong. Processed know others are crackers and sticks out which is also known as snacks and souvenirs because it tastes quite delicious.

In addition to knowing there is another gift that is quite popular here, ie processed foods from bananas, name getuk bananas. The form itself is not as getuk in general, but shaped like lemper or lontong. Getuk using banana wrapped in banana leaves are rolled to look like a rice cake and contains mashed plantains and had steamed. It tastes good, sweet and unique because it is slightly different to the usual getuk we know.

Quite interesting is not it?? There is no harm in trying to buy out or getuk banana as a souvenir for family and friends. Gift shop open early enough Oen, starting at 7 am to 8 night. In addition to knowing and getuk, here also available various snacks and nibbles are pretty interesting.