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Soto Ayam Tamanan

Tamanan Soto Ayam is chicken soup typical of the village of Kediri Tamanan. With a Savory Taste, Savory and favors for every tongue. If you are from atao had stopped in the town of Kediri Soto Ayam certainly recognize the name Bok Ijo. Circle of Friends Soto Ayam Tamanan is located in the former Kediri Tamanan terminal before the terminal are familiar with Bok Ijo.

Different from most soto, here do not use chilli sauce and soy sauce (Thus despite all sellers prepare sauce for visitors who want). All sellers only provide chili soup that has been steamed. Any buyer who stopped to shop soto tamanan, The first time will get a greeting "spicy or being?"Because almost all shops provide chili soup only at the time of ordering.

Like the menu on chicken soup Ambengan, soto TAMANAN also provides facilities companion savory foods like chicken head soup, telur muda, uritan (ati-ampela, Babat ayam, usus), wing, kerongkongan, skin. Only companion soto soto or accessories are not disaggregated into small (except for the head and neck of a chicken). All meals are priced escort soto own (beyond price soto) in the unity of the body of the chicken meat has been removed (live head, neck, kerongkongan, telur muda, esophagusyoung egg

Close, The buyer can choose whether pesananannya esophagus and its contents are immediately presented with additional sauce or grilled with soy sauce. Complete service in TAMANAN soup menu is not paid anymore (free). Ordered extra meat can all be burned.

The visitors TAMANAN soup is usually also not let go of the moment road trip to the hills and mountains not far from the shop area soto. Not far away from Terminal Tamanan, we will be connected to the gate like Maria Lourdes Cave, Bukit Puh LAIR, and complex hermitage Selomangleng.