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Soto Branggahan

Branggahan do not seterkenal Soto Lamongan soto, soto soto Madura maupun Macassar. If the third variant is the largest soto corner Archipelago, even foreign countries, soto Branggahan only localized along Jalan Desa Branggahan, Kecamatan Ngadiluweh Kabupaten Kediri. Although it is outside the region, there are not too many and just a small booth or stall.

As another soto soto-Khasan has to fit the area where the soup is sold, Soto also has a specific Branggahan, The peculiarity lies in the tools to eat and mixing the materials used. Of the tools to eat, soto Branggahan (the original) presented using a small bowl (like ancient chinese porridge bowl) and spoon stainless steel fueled bebebk (Steinless Steel). As for mixing ingredients, in contrast to some kind of soup, soto Branggahan santa gravy that has been blended with kemiri.ini used that do not gravy nodes and can taste delicious. This is different from the soup using a sprinkling holy hotcakes as an addition to savory.

Unique tools to eat and taste eneg guri but not when eating soup Branggahan majority of consumers "horn" (more) when enjoying. Soto branggahan multiple buyers to add six to 8 bowl.