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» Travel Kelud Kediri

Travel Kelud Kediri

This region is ± 160 km, ( ± 3,5 jam) from Juanda Airport Surabaya or ± 40 km (± 45 minutes) from Kediri and an active-altitude mountain tours 1730 m dpl. Cool atmosphere and panoramic mountain views make this area attractive for nature tours, adventure, and health.

Mount kelud now been changed, first there is a green crater, but now after Kelud erupted in 2007 beautiful crater appeared lost and a new crater that different from the previous. With the new dome from the crater, Kelud looks more beautiful than ever, and is a phenomenal peristwa that never happened before. Mount kelud changes with the new dome is very attractive to visitors and is a fantastic panorama and make visitors curious.

The attractiveness of these places, among others:

  1. Area plantations that shade and cool
  2. Beautiful mountain panorama
  3. Area rock climbing, jogging, Cross country, and camping
  4. The road down the hallway leading to the crater in the mountain
  5. Sulfur crater lake at the bottom of the mountain
  6. Information Center for Volcanology
  7. Live entertainment every holiday / big.

This resort is open daily and can be reached by motor vehicle.